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RG 1 will display Buy/Sell Private Party ads for cars, parts, tools, and literature.

  Send an e-mail to efv8kd@yahoo.com for a 3 month FREE listing.

The office of Webmaster for GGRG#1 (website goldengatev8.org) is open. We have no Webmaster after our good volunteer, David Fibush, has retired. David has served our group in this endeavor since the inception of our website in 2008, and for that we are forever grateful. The duties of Webmaster are temporarily being farmed out at a minor cost to the club, but to a non club member whose form of transportation is not even a Ford! If any member in good standing reading this has a computer (and a few minutes per month) and would be pleased to see his/her name immortalized as Webmaster on our Officers Page, please email your inquiry to Alan Simpson at webcontent@goldengatev8.org


1951 Ford Victoria. Needs a little TLC. $12,000 or OBO. Call Gordon or Pat Dietz at (559) 252-1111 or (559) 908-1826.

1937 Ford pickup with Chevy engine. $30,000 or OBO. Call Chuck Knox for details at (925) 550-4758.

1935/36 Ford pickup restoration parts, mostly new Bob Drake. Call Bob Nicholson at (415) 346-8486